Be a Training Model – Be a model for a stylist in the last phase of their training program.  These stylists have completed skills training and are about to begin taking their own clientele, so this is a great opportunity to get quality work for less money.  Model hair cuts are free, model color is typically $25-$35 but can be slightly more if your hair requires a lot of color product.  All model services are supervised by a Senior or Master Stylist.  Most openings are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but other days may be available.  Indicate your availability in the form below and please note that existing clients are not eligible to be training models.

Be a Transformation or Color Correction Model – Choose this category if you are interested in a major hair transformation or color correction.  Models for these services will be working with Kris, one of our owners on a look that will be used to refresh her portfolio.  A 30-45 minute photo shoot will be required after the service is complete so candidates must be comfortable in front of the camera.  Some of these services are also captured on video as “how-to” videos.

The cost of these model services is usually the cost of the products, (typically $30-$50), although sometimes they are completely free, depending on the look you’re after.  These services are scheduled on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  To be considered, please attach at least one current photograph of yourself showing your hair and a photograph of what you are looking for as a final result.   Don’t be surprised if we ask for a few more pictures of different areas of your hair, or ask you to come in for a quick look and consult!  Selection will be based on what Kris needs in the way of portfolio images.

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