Color Correction & Transformation

What’s the difference between a color correction and a transformation?  A correction is about “fixing” hair.  A transformation is more about “changing” hair.

These services involve more expertise, time and product than standard color or highlighting.  They can be significantly more expensive as a result, but not always.  Some can be done in the same amount of time as a full highlight so the cost is about the same.  It all depends on your hair.  Corrections and transformations  are priced hourly and your colorist will give you a price range before starting the service.

Hair Color Correction services require a $75 pre-paid consultation which is credited toward your service at check-out.  The consultation cost is non-refundable if you do not proceed with the service.  Occasionally transformations require the same prepaid consultation. 


Hair color correction requires a colorist that’s seen it all and isn’t going to make your hair worse.  It also requires someone that will be honest about the results you can expect.  A major focus of many corrections is restoring the structural integrity of damaged hair so your colorist needs experience in this area.  Some examples of color correction include;

  • Clearly visible multiple grow out periods that appear as bands of different color
  • Uneven application resulting in a splotchy or patchy look
  • Color applied over another color resulting in multiple unwanted hues


Transformation services involve going from one reasonably well done color to a very different color.  A few examples of color transformations are:

  • Changing from black, dark brown or red to light blonde or platinum
  • Most “mermaid”, “oil slick” and mutli-colored vivids
  • Going from light blonde highlights back to your natural darker color (we call this a tint back)
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