Curly Haircut Austin

Looking for the best Curly Haircut in Austin?  Have you had someone tell you they knew how to cut curly hair only to find out they really didn’t?  We know your pain.  Cutting curls well takes special training.  Not only is every head of curls different, most of our clients have different types of curls in the same head of hair. Individual curls also have different spring factors, so cutting them requires different amounts of tension on each curl.  To get the best curly haircut, you need a curl specialist, and we have them.  Our curly hair specialists go through intensive training on curls and never stop learning, adding to their curl repertoire every year.

Many of our curly clients take advantage of our half hour Shape Up service between full hair cuts, which makes maintaining those gorgeous curls more economical.  See the Haircuts page and our haircutter’s bio pages for session timing.

Curly Hair Color

Placement of color on curly hair is different than with straight hair because it lives differently on your head.  Curly strands are often shaped differently and usually have an open cuticle every place the hair bends.  Because of that, different products and product strengths are required to keep the hair healthy.  Moisture is even more critical with curly hair than with other textures.  Session timing for curly color services is the same as for other textures.

How To Come Prepared For Your Curly Service

For the best curly haircut, please arrive with clean dry curls styled as you normally wear them so your stylist can assess your natural texture, color and styling habits.  If you arrive with your hair wet or in a bun, we may have to wash and pre-style prior to your service, which will impact our ability to complete the service in the scheduled time.