Looking for salon employment in Austin?  Do you play well with others?  Are you serious about your career, but want to have fun doing it?  Maybe we can play together.

What we offer:

  • A focus on education and professional growth with in-salon classes by national and international educators, plus monthly continuing education.  Ours is an environment where we are constantly learning from each other.  Top level performance can also earn you classes at Goldwell/KMS Academies in NY and Toronto.
  • Proven career paths with high earnings along with educator and photo shoot opportunities for those so inclined.
  • Stylists set their own schedules on weekdays. Saturdays are mandatory for stylists new to the floor because they need to build quickly. Once you’re reasonably busy, you get one Saturday off a month or every other Saturday off depending on level. Master stylists don’t have to work on Saturdays if they don’t want to.
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance, paid vacation and 401(k) for those working 36 hours/week or more.
  • Professional Growth mentoring meetings to track your progress.
  • Company social outings.
  • Participation in hair competitions if that’s your jam.
  • Encouragement and help cultivating your dream clientele.
  • Specialization, so you can focus on what you love doing most. We know that specialization, (cut vs. color), isn’t for everyone, but we also know who we want to work with—people who are really good at what they do, and we’ve seen through the years that people with passion and focus for one thing are better at it than people who try to focus on two or three things.
  • A great work environment where people support each other. (translation: you won’t have to dread coming to work)

What we look for in potential team members:

  • Positive life outlook
  • Driven – people who take initiative in their own careers
  • In love with the industry
  • Serious about learning and growth
  • A willingness to accept coaching if needed
  • People that don’t need to be “managed”


INTERN ~ As an Intern you will assist senior and master stylists and colorists.  Your duties will include finishing, shampooing, retailing, station prep and customer transition between cut and color.  Intern colorists apply color and hold hair during color application.  Your goal as an intern is to develop the skills and habits required to be successful in your specialty, (cut or color), through immersion in the day to day working world of a top performing professional.   You get one full day each week of one-on-one education time with an educator.  The intern program is self paced; duration will vary according to your skill level, work ethic, ability to handle clients and ability to get models. The intern program pays hourly. * You must be currently licensed in Texas to begin the intern program.

EXPERIENCED STYLIST ~ We hire experienced stylists moving from out of town or from outside our immediate market area. What we don’t do is hire stylists from nearby salons looking to move their clientele here. You must be able to work well in a group to work with us. Being a busy departmentalized salon means everyone has to work together, meet timings and have each other’s backs.  * You must be currently licensed in Texas to begin work.

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