High Quality Hair Extensions in Austin

We offer two types of luxury hair extensions with the industry’s smallest bonds and highest quality hair, but hair quality is only half the secret to extensions that look like your real hair. Expert application, an artistic blending cut and spot-on color matching are just as important.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in extensions are suitable for most fine hair and hair that is not strong enough to support the weight of bonded extensions.  Tape-ins can also be used in thinning hair. Tape-ins are not available for curly hair. We use Easihair Pro tape-in extensions for their high quality hair and thin durable tape.

We offer four tape-in services; Basic Volume, Full Volume, Basic Length and Full Length.  Each service is available in twelve, sixteen and twenty inch lengths.

Twelve and sixteen inch hair is kept in stock so the consultation and service are combined.  Hair is non-refundable once applied.

Twenty inch hair must be special ordered so a consultation is required prior to your service.  This allows us to color match the hair to be ordered.  The consultation for 20 inch hair must be scheduled at least 3 days before application so the hair arrives in time. Special order 20 inch hair is non-refundable once ordered.

Basic Volume Service

Fill out the sides of a haircut or add flashes of color.   $300 (12″) – $375 (20″).

Full Volume Service

Fills out the sides and back while adding to the overall thickness.   $490 (12″) – $640 (20″).

Basic Length Service

Great for natural looking length and volume transformation.  $675 (12″) – $900 (20″).

Full Length Service

Massive amounts of hair for extreme length and volume transformations.  $875 (12″) – $1,175 (20″).

HairDreams Individually Bonded Hair Extensions 

Our luxurious bonded extensions allow a large amount of hair to be added to your existing hair. Bonded extensions are not recommended for fine hair though, especially if it has been heavily lightened or subjected to extensive heat (daily flat ironing, etc).   Our bonded extensions are available for curly and wavy hair.

Bonded extensions require a pre-paid consultation fee of $75.  This fee is applied to the cost of the service at check-out.  The fee is non-refundable if you choose not to proceed.  Please note that the cost for bonded hair is not refundable once it has been ordered because we cannot return it to the manufacturer.

Hair Extensions for Length

  • Add fullness and length to your existing hair – up to 20 inches
  • Prices $800 to more than $2,500
  • Applied in 1 to 4 hours
  • Can create an entire hair makeover

Hair Extensions for Volume

  • Add thickness without adding length.
  • Perfect for adding a fuller look to fine hair
  • Prices from $100 for a few bonds to $900
  • Applied in 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how much hair is added
  • Results in thick ends without the traditional weight of extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions

What should I be looking for when shopping for salon hair extensions?

Two things affect your final look. The first is the talent of the stylist doing the design and application. Lots of salons do extensions, but not every salon does them well. The second is the quality of the hair and the attachment method. Quality of hair varies substantially by brand and we have tried many over the years. Attachment methods break down into two main categories; individually bonded and tape-in.

Individually bonded extensions are small bundles of hair (20-25 hairs) that are bound together at the top and attached to your real hair using a variety of attachment methods that vary by brand. In the past we have used different brands and attachment methods, including “beaded” which uses tiny metal beads that crimp around your real hair, loop tied, which use a filament line to tie the extensions to your real hair and several others. We have found that heat bonded extensions work best and this is what we currently use. Heat bonded extensions attach using very small protein bonds, ( a form of glue), and a heated tweezer-like tool. Many times, we use a special “Laserbeamer” tool that applies up to ten bonds at once to speed up application.

Tape-in extensions are applied just as the name implies; they are wefts of hair that attach to your real hair using very thin transparent tape that is part of the extension. Typically wefts of extension hair are sandwiched on both sides of your real hair. Tape used in the better brands is almost invisible.

Can I remove my hair extensions myself?

We strongly advise you not too, because doing so can damage your hair. Bonded extensions are put in to stay and are almost impossible to remove without the removal solution and the bond breaking tool we use. Removing tape-ins yourself will likely result in some torn hair and strange areas in your cut, but doing that it is not nearly as damaging as trying to remove bonded extensions on your own, which will result in losing considerable length and a very uneven ragged looking “cut”. Without the proper tools, supplies and expertise for bonded removal, you’re basically tearing your extensions out along with some of your real hair. We provide a removal service for tape-ins that is comparable in price to a hair cut in most instances. The price to remove bonded extensions is comparable to a full highlight, although in some cases where the extensions have not been cared for as recommended, it can be higher, because it takes us longer.

Why do I have to pay a consultation fee for hair extensions?

Unlike all our other consultations, consultations for bonded extensions are pre-paid, because they take 60 minutes, during which time our stylists can schedule a haircut or full highlight. Another reason we charge for extension consultations is that this service attracts a lot of “window shopping”. Before we charged for consultations, about half the people who scheduled the consultation didn’t show up for an application. The good news is that we apply the consultation fee toward your purchase if you proceed with an appointment for application.

Is there a real difference between brands of hair extensions?

Simply put, yes. There are four or five major brands that feature top of the line hair and bondings, and we have used four others before settling on Hairdreams® and EasiHairPro®. The quality of hair and attachment method can vary widely between brands, so if you see extensions offered at a price that just seems too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. This is because high quality hair is expensive and is getting more expensive all the time.

What should I be looking for when comparing hair extensions price and quality?

If you want your extensions to feel like real hair, they need to be 100% human hair with the cuticle layer intact all the way down the hair shaft. This is sometimes referred to as “Remy” hair. Salons price their extensions differently, so find out what’s included in your quote. Additional costs can include coloring your existing hair and/or the extensions; a haircut (which is necessary for blending); and products you will need to maintain your extensions. A blending haircut is included with all our extensions. Add everything up to get your actual cost and get a price quote in writing.

How long will my hair extensions last?

If you follow the simple home care program, the longevity of your extensions is a result of how fast your hair grows, because the extension bonds will move down your head as your hair gets longer. Four to six months is the range on bonded, depending on growth rate and how well you maintain them. The wearing period for tape-ins can be longer if you take good care of them. Tape-ins can be moved up your hair as it grows much more frequently and inexpensively than bonded extensions can. This service is called a “Move-Up”.

Can I re-use my bonded hair extensions more than once?

Hairdreams and most other top of the line bonded brands say you can re-use your extensions once or twice, a process they call “re-bonding”, but we don’t do this, because in our opinion, re-bonded extensions don’t look nearly as good as the initial application. Another downside to re-bonding is that you have to go without your extensions for weeks while the old ones are being re-bonded at the factory. Tape-ins are designed to be moved up every six weeks or so and are re-used continually until they don’t look good. (All extensions wear out and lose hair over time).

Are extensions hard to take care of?

No, but they can take more brushing than you may be used to, and the brush must be of a certain type. Additionally, you must avoid certain types of shampoos and conditioners. In addition to the special brush and care in choice of shampoos, a regular follow-up blending cut is a crucial requirement for the longevity of your extensions.

Am I a good candidate for hair extensions?

There are several reasons extensions may not work for you. If you are allergic to nylon, we cannot use Hairdreams® bonded extensions, because there is nylon in the bonding tip. Additionally, if you have a large patch of scalp showing due to thinning hair or medical treatment you may not be a good candidate. We would need to see you to make a final determination.

Do I have to pay for hair extensions all at once?

For bonded extensions, the cost is split into two payments. Payment 1, which covers the hair is due prior to scheduling the application appointment. Once the hair is purchased it is non-refundable, because we can’t return it. Payment 2 for the application is due the day of your extension application service. Tape-in extensions are paid for in one payment.