We do trending modern hair cuts along with classic and retro styles.  All textures are welcome and we charge the same for every texture.  We have curl and razor cutting specialists available, and all of our hair cut artists specialize in cutting; they don’t do color.  Our cutters all have their own “flavor” and favorite cuts so be sure to check out their bio’s and Instagram feeds on the Staff Page for more information.

Cuts are priced hourly and scheduled as hourly “sessions” of different lengths.  The different types of cuts we offer are listed below.  Session lengths vary slightly with each stylist, especially for new client cuts.  Click a stylist’s photo on our Staff page to see their hourly rates and timings.  All sessions except our “Shape Up” session include a style out and are priced according to the time it takes, never gender.


Navigate to our Staff Page and click any stylist’s photo to see their hourly rates and session lengths.

SHAPE UP ~ This is a “between cuts” dry cut without a shampoo or finish that includes a reshaping of the hair in front of the ears, including bangs, face framing bits, some weight removal and crown layers.  Includes neck clean up for fades and barbered looks.  This service is meant to be a cost effective option to extend the life of a full hair cut but not replace it.  For repeat clients only.

SHORT CUT ~ Pixies, fades,  and cuts for clients with hair above the shoulders that aren’t looking for big change.

HAIR CUT  ~ Most client cuts, all textures

TRANSFORMATION CUT ~ dramatic shape and/or length change for new and existing clients.