Haley Campise - Hair Cutter at Keith Kristofer Salon

I specialize in natural movement haircuts that require minimal maintenance with an emphasis on curly and wavy hair, which I usually cut dry.  I find that even straight, heavy hair sometimes has hidden natural waves that can be brought out in the cut.

I am Toni & Guy trained and have been a Toni & Guy educator in my home town Houston, and more recently for twelve years in New York city.  I have an understanding of the technical side of cutting, but as a creative person I cut intuitively to shape and release weight in a seamless way to achieve long lasting haircuts.  Since I have fine wavy to curly hair myself, I have a knack for building volume and shape to make my client’s hair appear thicker than it is.

Building relationships is important to me because I believe it gives me a better understanding of my client’s comfort with change or bold looks. I really like to get to know the people in my chair in a way that doesnt feel pressured or forced.