Information for New Clients

How we work

We book appointments as hourly Sessions that differ in length depending on the look you want and each stylist has their own hourly rate.  Our pricing is “all-inclusive which means that everything except retail products is included in the price you see on the website.  That includes gratuity, end color, toners, root shadows, treatments and whatever else your hair needs to look it’s best.  Our approach to customer service is simple.  It starts with being good at what we do and doing the best  we possibly can for our customers.  And on the rare occasion that a customer doesn’t like something we’ve done, we do everything we can to make it right.

Who we serve

We have clientele from all walks of life, ethnicities, age groups and political viewpoints.  Our services are not gender specific and we’re LGBTQ+ friendly.


Restrooms are single user, all gender.

Cancellation policy

Please see our cancellation policy here.

Forms of payment

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and Android Pay, with touchless payment available.  We do not accept cash, personal checks or travelers checks.


Gratuity is included in our prices; we don’t accept tips.

Late arrivals

You’re busy, you have things to do.  We know that and we run on time so you can run on time.  It’s rare for clients to wait on us more than a few minutes past their appointment time.  If you are late to your appointment, we will do our best to make it work.  Usually we can make it work, but there will be times when we can’t and will need to reschedule.  When you’re going to be late please call ahead if possible and let us know so we can start juggling before you arrive.

Returns & Exchanges

We provide refunds on unopened, unused products within 30 days of purchase.  We will also exchange opened products you don’t like for another product within 30 days of purchase. If you don’t like a product and you’re not going to be back in the salon within 30 days, just call and let us know.  We’ll put a note in your file for the next time you’re in.

Gift cards

Gift cards are not returnable or transferable and cannot be used to purchase another gift certificate or card

Children in the salon

This is always a hard call, but children are not allowed in the salon.  We have children and we like children, but the salon isn’t a great place for them.

  • Please do not bring children who are not having a service performed.
  • We do children’s cuts for ages 8 and older but the cost is the same as adult cuts, because it can take as long or longer to cut a child’s hair as it does adult hair

Dogs and other pets in the salon

We have pets and we love pets.  We do not, however, love pets in the salon.  They get bored and wrap their leashes around the stylist’s feet and chairs.  Sometimes they bark.  Sometimes they pee.  Some people want to keep them in carriers that take up space around the stylists feet or hold them in their lap and then the dog doesn’t like the blow dryer.  Colorists have to worry about spilling color on them.

We’ve had people tell us that their dog is a service dog, but that’s rarely the case.  According to Texas law and the ADA, a service dog is a dog that has been trained to perform a task to assist with a physical disability.  An emotional support dog is not the same as a service dog.  We have a real, bonafide service dog who comes with one of our blind clients and that dog is the real deal.  It’s fascinating to watch and so well trained that it sits quietly by the owner who genuinely needs that dog to function effectively in public.  We are required by law to allow service dogs in the salon.  We are not required to allow comfort dogs or emotional support dogs in the salon.

We respectfully ask that if your dog is not a real service dog trained to help you with a physical disability, (including impaired vision or blindness), please do not bring it to the salon.  This may sound harsh but after experiencing a salon full of yapping, excited dogs in the past we had to lay down the law to keep from driving some of our guests (and stylists) crazy.


It might seem strange to talk about our staff’s education on a page meant for new clients, but our people are one of the few things we’ll brag about.  Education is what drives our salon, empowers our staff and informs our pricing.  New staff members out of school complete an apprenticeship under Master Colorists and Master Stylists.  They also participate in monthly in-house education sessions that feature International Artists several times a year.  Our staff also travel to New York and Toronto to learn advanced skills, stretch their creativity and work toward different professional certifications.  We only hire people that understand the value of life long education; basically we’re a bunch of hair nerds and we love it.

Other stuff

We have filtered drinking water, sparkling water, soft drinks, coffee and tea complimentary.  We have free secure WIFI too.  The free parking garage and the entire salon is wheelchair accessible.  We don’t serve wine or other alcohol (it’s a long story involving people that don’t like to be told they’ve had too much to drive).  If there’s something you need that we don’t provide, (other than booze), let us know and we’ll try our best to make it happen.