Grays, silvers and whites are the new Blondes.  As in Bombshell.  Our striking Salt and Pepper Hair service enhances your natural grays, whites and silvers to achieve fashion forward looks that result in fewer trips to the salon, less money spent on maintenance, and not looking like you just gave up.   The looks available with this service range from edgy to tame, so you get to make as big, (or small), a statement as you care to make.

Many of our busy clients are shying away from constant color maintenance to embrace a more natural looking approach.  We like to think of it as “natural but better”.  It doesn’t try to hide what mother nature gave you, it just makes her gift more appealing.

Our typical “gray coverage” client comes in every 3 to 4 weeks to hide gray, which is perfect for those who choose that route, but it’s not right for everyone.  Time between salon visits to maintain Salt and Pepper looks range from 8 to 12 weeks apart, or even longer.

This service requires a pre-paid $100 consultation prior to your appointment date.  This allows Kris to spend adequate time with you and schedule the right amount of time and assistant help for your service.  The cost of the consultation is credited toward the service at checkout.  It is not refundable should you decide against the service.

This is an all inclusive service, which means everything your hair needs is included in the price (treatments, toners, masks, etc).  Some looks can be done in a single sitting and some require multiple visits to achieve the final result.  It’s also appropriate for every texture.


Who is this for?

The Salt and Pepper service is for people that want to incorporate their natural gray, silver and white tones into a fashion forward look that requires less time and money than frequent salon trips to cover gray.

This service is NOT for people that don’t have natural gray, silver or white tones in their hair.  If you want to go gray or silver and do not have these tones naturally, see our Transformation Service.

Which colorists do this service?

Currently, only our owner Kris does this service.  It’s one of her specialties.

What does the service include?

  • A pre-paid consultation on a separate day from the service.
  • Lightening, low-lights if needed, color if needed, silverizing, masques, treatments and everything else your hair needs to achieve the result you want while maintaining the health of your hair.

How much does it cost?

Your price will depend on your existing natural tones, what look you want and how healthy your hair is.  If your hair has significant damage from processing, heat treatments, or hormonal issues, extra steps and time will be required.  Cost for the initial service ranges from $500 – $1,100.  The pre-paid consultation charge of $100 is credited toward your service at checkout.  The price for follow-up visits (8-12 weeks apart) are usually about the cost of a highlight.

How long does it last?

From 8 to 12 weeks depending on your existing hair and the look we design.  Even though the initial cost of the service is higher than most of our services, cutting your trips to the salon in half or even by two thirds will save you money.

How long does it take to do?

Anywhere from 4 to 10 hours, with 7 being about average.  When you have this service done, you will be Kris’s only client for the entire day.

Why do I have to pre-pay for a separate consultation?

Kris can schedule a highlight or balayage in the time a Salt and Pepper consultation takes, so we feel a $100 consultation charge is more than reasonable.  We also find that when we don’t charge for the consultation many people don’t show up.  The cost of the consultation is credited toward you service at checkout.  It is non-refundable should you choose not to have the service done.

What hair textures is this appropriate for?

It’s great for all textures, including curly and very curly.  We do a lot of curly hair at our salon and realize that coloring curly hair can be quite different than other textures.  The service also works well on everything from coarse, thicker hair to fine hair.  What it’s not appropriate for is over processed hair without some corrective measures before we begin.  Occasionally, people come to the consultation with hair that needs a “cooling off” period after significant processing at another salon.  If Kris determines that your hair isn’t ready for the service, she will recommend an at-home “healing regime” before you come in for the service.

Is this just for women?

Absolutely not.  Nothing we do is gender specific, including this service.

How do I get started?

Schedule a 1 hour Salt and Pepper consultation with Kris.